What our customers say

The experience with Easy Secured Loan was great, very easy to apply and the customer service individual that helped me with the process was outstanding.

The customer service rep that I spoke to was awesome. He verified my identity and the money was in the bank the very next morning…thank you for being there for me.

Very user-friendly service and quick response time. The agent on the phone stayed with me until my application was complete. This expedited the process and gave me confidence. He was well equipped to answer my questions. Also, my loan was paid out the next day. That was fabulous. Again, a no hassle experience!

We are using the money to pay for the expenses involved with adopting a sixteen year old son who came from a very troubled family. It was certainly something we hadn’t budgeted for but when we heard her story we knew what we had to do. The loan through Easy Secured Loan allowed us to cover the costs of furniture, lawyers, and everything else necessary to complete the adoption.

    Our mission is to provide personal and small businesses access to fast, secured and unsecured working capital. Our investment is designed to support, and increase healthy businesses’ revenue. By recognizing the need, the goal is to provide small business owners with accessibility to funds, allowing them to improve not only their own business, but also their communities. We believe that long-term, personal relationship is a key factor in any business’ success.


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