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You decide when to use your funds and how much to take. As long as you have an account with us, you can get your loan any time you need it.

Secured or Unsecured

Request a loan now, regardless of your credit score. Conditions vary and terms apply. Collateral is required for all secured loan. You van request for a unsecured loan even with bad credit.

ESL Express Loans

Borrowing $35,000 or less? You may qualify to get the money you need in as little as 6 hours. 100% secured and guaranteed. Our friendly loan officers will guide you through the process. 

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ESL customers have securely connected more than 1 million data sources. We’re A+ rated by the Better Business Bureau and certified for our commitment to customer privacy.

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From applying to managing your account and making the most of your capital, our in-house team of experts is here to help when you need it. Each customer is assigned a loan officer who will take care of the loan process from the beginning to the end. 

ESL Support

Whether you need to consolidate debt, remodel your home, or take a vacation, a personal loan may be a viable option. can help you secure a loan of up to $20,000 in just four easy and secured steps. Learn More


Secure A Personal or Business Loan in 5 Easy and Secured Steps.

  • Enter basic business information and link your revenue data online
  • We'll review your business performance to let you know how much working capital you can access and how much collateral is required. Unsecured loan offers are also available.
  • In less than a day, you'll be able to choose from our personalised options catered to your business or personal needs.
  • Between the next business day, funds will be transferred into your business or personal checking account.
  • Hurray!! You're FUNDED.

Northern Rep Bar was like a lot of small businesses: they were growing but needed extra funds to capitalize on their opportunities. Now they use Easy Secured Funding to finance materials and take on more clients as their business expands.

We need money to consolidate debts, fund special purchases, or cover other important expenses. With personal loans, you can take care of your needs fast. Get a personal loan to cover money gaps. Check your loan options through Easy Secured Loan with no prepayment fees needed.

Our Loan Offers

It is very important to find the right loan for your situation. It is vital to get the rates and payment options that fit your needs. If you have assets, like equity in your home, car, or even a savings account that a lender may use as collateral, you can turn to secured personal loans online. You can use this money to pay your debts, fund a purchase, or repair a credit history. Now that you know what a secured loan is, let’s look into it in more detail.

Benefits of a Secured Loan

The most popular reason why people use secured personal loans is because their low credit score won’t let them (or makes it very hard) get an unsecured loan. Plus, the payments are fixed on a monthly basis. This makes it easier for consumers to manage their repayment plan.

When you use your personal or business assets like your home, business equipments, assets or savings as collateral for a secured online loan, you can access lower interest rates and improved borrowing options. Also, with a personal loan secured against the property, for instance, you get larger loan amounts, as the lender feels more assured. This is the main difference between a secured and unsecured personal loans.

How to Secure A Personal or Business Loan Loan in 5 Easy and Secured Steps.

Step 1 : Enter basic business information and link your revenue data online.

Step 2 : We’ll review your business performance to let you know how much working capital you can access and how much collateral is required. Unsecured loan offers are also available.

Step 3 : We’ll review your business performance to let you know how much working capital you can access and how much collateral is required. Unsecured loan offers are also available.

Step 4 : We’ll review your business performance to let you know how much working capital you can access and how much collateral is required. Unsecured loan offers are also available.

Step 5 : Hurray!! You’re FUNDED.

How You Can Benefit from Our Loans

  • No prepayment penalties!
  • You can use the money for any purpose!
  • Pay off other debts, eliminate bank fees!
  • Get cash in as fast as 6-24 hours!*

Business Loans

Your ability to obtain small business loans could decide the future of your enterprise. Hard work isn’t the only thing you need to succeed. It’s also vital that you secure the funds required to push your firm to the next stage. At ESL, we make it easier to sustain your corporate growth with a broader range of small business line of credit options. Fill out our easy application form today!

Getting a business loan may seem like a big step, but with ESL, you can take it in your stride. Start the process today to leverage the power of no-regret, easy business loans.

You shouldn’t sacrifice your current liquidity to secure your future. We don’t believe that your need to obtain cash immediately should expose you to unreasonable interest rates or extreme volatility. By streamlining lending searches and applications, ESL empowers you to take action more rapidly without facing massive risks in the process. We make fast business loans a reality. 

What Do You Get with Secured Loans?

You get a personal approach, even if you want to get secured loans for bad credit. After submitting the loan request for, we review it to see if you are a good match for us. If you are, you get the money pretty fast. Basically, all you need to do is submit the loan form and the rest is up to us to get you boosted. 

Accepted Collaterals

Personal loan

  • Personal real estate
  • Home equity
  • Personal vehicles
  • Paychecks
  • Cash or savings accounts
  • Investment accounts
  • Paper investments
  • Such valuables as fine art, jewelry or collectibles

Business loan

  • Blanket lien
  • UCC lien
  • Business or personal real estate
  • Home equity
  • Business property like machinery or specialized equipment
  • Business or personal vehicle
  • Farm assets and products
  • Accounts receivable
  • Inventory
  • Natural reserves
  • Insurance policies
  • Investment accounts
  • Paper investments
  • Business savings accounts
  • Such valuables as fine art, jewelry or collectibles

Secured Personal Loans – Get Started Now

Why wait? The sooner you submit the request, the sooner your financial worries will fade away. It does not matter whether you choose an unsecured personal loan online or a loan secured by collateral (home, car, savings account, etc). Our job is to get you funded in no time. 

Forget about financial troubles and debts. Forget about endless online search for a reliable secured personal loan. You are in the right place and we will try to take care of you. Get a loan and live a happy life. Save time and get the money you need. Contact us now!

Unsecured Personal Loan

Unsecured Personal Loans are popular for a few main reasons: They’re flexible, fast, and require far less paperwork than traditional loans.

We approve unsecured loans  depending on your Credit Score/Credit History:

Personal Unsecured Loan up to $200,000: ESL offers an Unsecured Loan up to $200,000 without interest payments for the first 12 to 21 months for credit scores of 680+. You need to have 4 or less hard inquiries in the last 6 Months and a utilization rate on your existing credit lines of 50%. No Proof of Income required.

The funds can be used at your own discretion. Do you need cash for a larger purchase? Perhaps a down payment on a house, purchase a new car, repay a student loan, or pay medical bills? Repayment is only 1% per month. 

Those with bad credit score are not left out!

Bad Credit solution, up to $8,000: This program is for applicants that don’t have a good credit score but still need a loan.

Qualifications: Bad Credit Personal Loans. Up to $8,000 USD. Interest rates varies depending on your Credit Score/Credit History. Credit Score of 510 and above. Suggested minimum income to qualify is $1,000.

Most of these loans in this category are unsecured. These loans can be a good option if you need immediate cash to cover emergency expenses and you are certain that you can repay them despite of the higher interest rates. 

Unsecured Business Loans

Do you need to grow your business, are expanding or just need to cover som unexpected costs? We got you covered and you will have a fast approval with minimum paperwork. 

EasySecuredLoan provides lending for business startups, franchises, bridge loans, SBA and bank declines, and personal needs. 

Below please find a High Level Summary of the terms and qualification criterias:

SILVER FUNDING : Same Day Funding – Business Loan – $3,500 to $250,000

Our Silver Business loan has been very appreciated on the market due to the speed, easiness and terms. All loans come with no Prepayment penalty, same day/next day funding is available and we count all Business Income, such as check, cash, credit cards, etc. You can qualify with Low Credit Scores of 500+. Higher credit scores will enable higher funding amounts. 


Please submit your application, copy of drivers license, voided business check and last three months of bank statements. A minimum balance of $3,000 will increase your ability to secure a higher loan amount. 

GOLD FUNDING :  Same Day Funding – Business Loan, up to $5,000,000:

Unsecured Business Loan, up to $5,000,000: It is a business loans, but you can qualify for startup businesses if you have a credit score of 720 and above. Up to 7 years to pay back the loan. Funding usually within 3 weeks. No restriction on the use of funds.

BAD CREDIT FUNDING : 24 – 48 hours Funding – Business Loan for Bad Credit up to $5M:  

If your business has monthly revenues of $15k or more you should consider applying for this loan.  For this program you must provide a copy of your full credit report, plus 6 months of business bank statements and your most recent business tax return. 

Business Line of Credit up to $5M available for companies with existing revenues ($15K/month) and weak credit (from 400).

Collateral might be required. 

Requirements & Benefits

  • Up to $5M available, unsecured and no collateral necessary

  • Terms up to 6 years

  • Approvals in 48 hours and funding typically within 2 to 3 weeks

  • Flexible Credit Requirements – FICO 400 -750 – OK

  • Tax Liens, Foreclosures, Collections and Judgments – OK

  • Can Fund up to 200% of average monthly revenues 

  • 6 Months of Business Bank Statements

  • Provide your Business most recent Tax Return and a Full Credit Report

Why You Should Choose Us

Use the funds however you see fit. 


Lenders aren’t lending like they used to. Most of our loans do not require any collateral.

Pay the funds you use back and the finding is available all over again with No Prepayment Penalties. If needed, we can also help you restructure the loans for longer repayment periods.


Most of our programs are available to anyone with an estimated FICO score of 700 or above. Fast approvals and funding times with no personal guarantee or collateral. 


Unmatched 0% interest period on most of our loans. No hidden fees. No Prepayment penalties. 


Don’t worry. We have several loans for weaker credit, where up to 90% of our applicants get approved. We can also guide you through the process to improve your credit and qualify.  


We show you how to access your credit report and send it to us. Why? That way you are getting your credit report and not us. Therefore it does not count as a check on your credit rating and has negative impact on your credit score. Free, no obligations, and simple application process. We only need 1 credit report for multiple product quotes. 


Which Startup Loan Suits You Best?

Apply Now, Let get you Funded! 

Borrowers get money without selling cryptoassets. Investors offer loans and earn competitive returns. Overcollateralization ensures full repayment on time.

To get 100,000 EUR with the Loan-to-Value (LTV) ratio 60%, you’ll need to deposit ~ 55 BTC.

Because each loan is asset-backed, there is no need to run a credit check. You can pay-off your loan whenever you want, or you can continue to pay on a monthly basis.

Secure, simple and available.

How Do Easy Secured Loan and Crypto Collateral Work?

James needs $33,000 to get his blockchain startup off the ground, so he joins Easy Secured Loan Crypto program. How much interest will he have to pay? Instead of depending on outdated credit scores, with ESL it all comes down to the LTV (Loan-to-Value) Ratio. The more James can offer as collateral, the better the interest rate he can get. This also lowers his chance of a margin call (having to add additional crypto or pay off part of the loan).

If James puts down three times the loan value ($100,000) in crypto, he will pay only 6.95% annual interest* and he’d only have to face a margin call if Jame’s crypto lost 20% of its value.

How to Get Start

Get money without selling your crypto. Here’s how it works in 4 easy and secured steps. 

  • First Step

Deposit fiat funds or stablecoins if you want to lend. Deposit cryptoassets to secure a loan if you want to borrow.

  • Lending Market

Find the most suitable offer to issue a loan instantly or create a custom one.

  • Loan Repayment

Borrowers commit to paying interests on time. Otherwise, cryptocollateral ensures this.

  • Final Step

Once the loan is paid off, the investor gets funds and earned interests. Сryptoassets return to the borrower.

Your Benefits as the Borrower

  • We Secure Your  Сryptoassets

    All cryptossets are stored on cold multi-signature wallets with distributed key storage.

  • We offer Minimal Risks

    The borrower bears minimal risks, providing that all loan obligations are fulfilled to the full extent so as the percentage ratio between the loan amount and the cryptocollateral is maintained.

  • Hold Crypto and Get Fiat Money

    You don’t have to choose between holding you crypto and getting access to fiat money. Use your cryptoassets as collateral for getting a loan without credit checks and another borrower scrutiny for approval.

  • Optimal Terms and Conditions

    Choose your optimal conditions including loan currency, term and amount, interest rate and loan-to-value ratio.

  • Cash for Start Ups & Business Needs

    Need some cash after an ICO for boosting your startup, mining, a short-term loan for meeting the operational needs or a long-term loan for business expansion?

  • Borrow with Crypto

    ESL is a flexible tool for solving any challenge. Use crypto as collateral and borrow any amount you need controlling the terms individually.

Use your crypto as collateral to get a loan without credit checks. Contact us for more info. 

Do you own stocks and would like to borrow against them? Most traditional lenders will not lend on stocks and most securities on foreign exchanges are not considered “marginable”. We can place a stock based loan on almost any publicly traded stock.

We offer non-recourse stock secured loan that do not require the transfer of control over the securities nor the sale of any of your securities prior to funding. Our loan program keeps ownership of the secured based lending with you, in a specialty custodian account. A simple lender lien executed by the borrower, lender and custodian ensures the lender’s interest for the term of the loan.

You simply have a new brokerage account at a recognized custodian institution. The custodian account will pay all dividends to you, and you retain stock voting rights. The custodian acts as an intermediary between the lender and you. A custodian is typically a large bank or a brokerage house.

We offer very competitive and flexible terms customized for each borrower. All loan on stocks are non-recourse, which means no personal liability to you in the event of default. The stocks you own are the only collateral required to be pledged for a low interest loan

Basic Terms and Requirements of our Stock Loans:

  • Minimum Loan Amount is USD $ 100,000 Maximum Loan Amount $ 500,000,000 USD
  • Your stocks must be free-trading. Suspended trading or Restricted stock is not eligible.
  • Private stock, or stock that is not trading on a major securities exchange, is not eligible.
  • Execute Loan and Lender Lien Agreements
  • Shares cannot be assigned or liened by a third party while with custodian
  • Non-recourse stock loans are available to all world citizens

Typical Stock Loan Terms:

  • Loan to Value (LTV): up to 80%
  • Fixed interest: 3.5% to 6 % Paid Quarterly
  • Non Recourse
  • Term: 2-10 Years
  • Dividends: Paid to you

We make each process easy and secured. Loan / Borrow stock using this 7 steps below; 

Step 1 : Borrower provides ticker symbol, stock exchange, desired loan amount and number of shares to be pledged.

Step 2 : A written Term Sheet is provided outlining lenders terms.  Borrower signs the Term Sheet and submits together with copy of Brokerage Statement and photo ID.

Step 3 : Lender issues a Know Your Client (KYO) form for borrower to fill out

Step 4 : Lender prepares the Loan Agreement for borrower to sign.  Loan Agreement is signed by borrower and lender.

Step 5 : Upon execution of Loan Agreements, the lender and borrower make arrangements to transfer borrowers securities to lender or to custodian bank/transfer agent.

Step 6 : If a custodian is used, then a 3-way agreement is signed by borrower, lender and custodian and a “Closing Statement” is prepared.  Client deposits the shares with custodian bank/transfer agent or with lender

Step 7 : Lender wires the funds to any account in any country that borrower chooses. Borrower is in possession of funds and may transfer elsewhere or withdraw.  The lender does not control use of funds or the country that borrower chooses to receive funds in.

Invest in your business and watch it grow

Getting a Small Business Administration loan is the ideal choice for financing your business without incurring too much debt. They’re guaranteed by the federal agency which make SBA loans one of the more flexible options with the lowest rates. One downside is that typically it is extremely difficult to qualify for. Luckily Fluid Business Resources is here to help.

Qualifications and Loan Features

General Business Loans:

  • 600+ personal credit score for $30,000 to $150,000 loan
  • 650+ personal credit score for $150,000+ loan
  • 2+ years in business
  • $50,000+ in annual revenue 
  • 8.5% to 9.21% APR

Commercial real estate loans:

  • 675+ personal credit score
  • 2+ years in business
  • $50,000+ in annual revenue
  • At least 51% of the property must be used by and occupied by the business
  • 6.1% to 6.15% APR

How do I Apply for SBA Loan?

Loan application checklist along with these docs

  • SBA’s borrower information form
  • Statement of personal history
  • Personal financial statement
  • Personal income tax returns (previous three years)
  • Business tax returns (previous three years)
  • Business certificate/license
  • Business lease
  • Loan application history

Contact us and a dedicated representative will guide you through the process.

*Important Disclosure*

*The Secured Loan annual percentage rate (APR) is the prime rate as indicated in the Wall Street Journal plus 2%. As of Apr 9, 2019, the prime rate is 5.5%. APR is a variable rate, adjusted monthly, and subject to change without notice. The APR includes a $50 origination fee, which is a finance charge. The loan origination fee is a finance charge. The origination fee is a one-time fee paid at the closing and does not affect the interest rate or monthly payments. The APR will not exceed 18%. Loan is subject to credit approval. Any and all fees and/or taxes must be paid in full at closing. Loans are available for 12–60 months.

1Rate is subject to increase after closing. FL residents: Doc Stamp Fee applies.


1. Easy Secured Loan can approve you in minutes for up to $200,000 when we are able to automatically obtain your business data and verify your bank account. Lines of credit over $200,000 require a manual review. In some situations, errors may occur during the sign up process, or we may need to send micro-deposits to confirm your bank account for security purposes. If this is the case, it may take up to several days to provide you with access to funding.

2. Subject to approval.

3. This is not a guarantee of qualification, but rather the minimum qualification criteria.

4. Not all loan term lengths are available to all customers. Customers can view their available term lengths after qualification.

5. Credit lines and pricing are subject to periodic review and change, including line and pricing reductions, line and pricing increases, or line eliminations. Individual requests for capital are separate installment loans. All loans are subject to credit approval. Frequently Asked Questions.

    Our mission is to provide personal and small businesses access to fast, secured and unsecured working capital. Our investment is designed to support, and increase healthy businesses’ revenue. By recognizing the need, the goal is to provide small business owners with accessibility to funds, allowing them to improve not only their own business, but also their communities. We believe that long-term, personal relationship is a key factor in any business’ success.


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